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The LFN Field Talk podcast addresses a wide range of agriculture and rural lifestyle topics. Field Talk will take a deeper dive into the issues confronting farming and agriculture today.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #111 Farm Safety and Health Week

Dan Lemke  9/18/23

With harvest activity ramping up across Minnesota, the potential for farm safety incidents increases. This is National Farm Safety and Health Week, which draws attention to the need for farmers and others to emphasize safety. In this Field Talk podcast, Extension safety experts Emily Krekelberg from the University of Minnesota and Angie Johnson from North Dakota State join to highlight farm safety and health week.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #110 Pork Industry Update

Dan Lemke  9/12/23

The nation’s pork producers have dealt with significant economic and market challenges so far in 2023. Industry leaders are in Washington D.C. this week to talk with lawmakers and others about important policy issues including the 2023 Farm Bill, the EATS Act and more.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #109 River Issues with Mike Steenhoek

Dan Lemke  9/5/23

Drought conditions are likely to cost farmers more than yield this fall. River levels are dropping, meaning barge movement of grain could be hampered, potentially costing farmers money. Mike Steenhoek, executive director of the Soy Transportation Coalition joins this Field Talk podcast.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #108 Irrigation Issues with Jake Wildman and Tom Heyn

Linda Brekke  8/29/23

In portions of Minnesota, irrigation is necessary for growers to produce a crop. In 2023, the Minnesota state legislature made some changes to laws affecting irrigation, including toughening penalties and fines for irrigation permit violations. Irrigators Association of Minnesota President Jake Wildman and Tom Heyn from RD Offutt join this Field Talk podcast.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #107 Farmers for Soil Health, Dale Stevermer

Dan Lemke  8/22/23

A new technical service and cost share initiative is now available to help provide assistance to farmers interested in including cover crops on their farm. The effort is jointly supported by the National Corn Growers Association, United Soybean Board and the National Pork Board. Easton farmer and National Pork Board director Dale Stevermer joins this podcast.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #106 Cindy Durheim, MFBF Promotion and Education

Dan Lemke  8/15/23

Outreach and education have become important features of today’s agriculture. With fewer Minnesotan’s directly tied to farming, the need to connect with people outside of agriculture has never been greater. Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation Promotion & Education Committee Chair Cindy Durheim discusses what MFBF is doing to foster connections.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #105 Troy Bredenkamp, Renewable Fuels Association

Dan Lemke  8/14/23

Biofuel proponents are pushing for E15 inclusion year-round. While temporary waivers have been granted in recent years, ethanol advocates and others are hoping for a more permanent solution. Troy Bredenkamp of the Renewable Fuels Association joins this LFN Field Talk podcast.

Con. Glenn “GT” Thompson closing comments

Dan Lemke  8/2/2023

House Agriculture Committee Chair Glenn “GT” Thompson provided some closing comments following the Farm Bill listening session at Farmfest 2023.

TransFARMation Podcasts:

Prompted by the many sources of stress currently impacting farmers and ranchers, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Red River Farm Network and Linder Farm Network have joined forces to create the radio and podcast series called TransFARMation. The series is designed to increase awareness and reduce inhibitions about acknowledging farm stress, as well as highlight the resources available. Local farmers, ranchers and agricultural stakeholders are featured, sharing personal stories and offering a message of hope.

If you or someone you know is wrestling with a challenge that’s more powerful than yourself, a list of resources is available on this page. The TransFARMation podcast is available to download and listen on iTunesSpotify  on your favorite podcast app in the Google Play store, and on the Linder Farm Page HERE