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The LFN Field Talk podcast addresses a wide range of agriculture and rural lifestyle topics. Field Talk will take a deeper dive into the issues confronting farming and agriculture today.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #83 Farm Bureau overview

Dan Lemke   3/21/2023

The Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation is among the state’s most influential grassroots farm organizations. In this Field Talk podcast, we talk with MFBF President Dan Glessing about the organization, its mission and how local voices help shape organizational policy.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #82 Corn and Soybean Exports

Dan Lemke   3/14/2023

U.S. farmers produce more corn and soybeans than can be consumed domestically, which means exports are an important outlet for those commodities. In this Field Talk podcast, we catch up with leaders of the U.S. Soybean Export Council and the U.S. Grains Council to address the challenges and opportunities for global grain exports.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #81 Glen Groth MSRPC

Dan Lemke   3/6/2023

Soybeans are grown in nearly every Minnesota county, making them a vital cash crop. Winona County farmer Glen Groth is one of the state’s farmer-leaders who helps oversee the investment of soybean checkoff dollars. Groth joins this Field Talk episode.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #80 Biofuels and Human Health

Dan Lemke   2/27/2023

Biodiesel and renewable diesel are growing in popularity and demand as the push in on for lower carbon fuels. Recent research through Clean Fuels Alliance America (CFAA) indicates that human health impacts may be an even more compelling benefit to biofuels. CFAA Director of State Government Affairs Floyd Vergara joins this episode of Field Talk.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #79 Dale Stevermer, National Pork Board

Dan Lemke   2/21/2023

Minnesota is one of the nation’s top pork producing states, with several of the state’s hog producers in leadership roles. Dale Stevermer, who farms near Easton, serves on the National Pork Board. He joined the Linder Farm Network to talk about some of the checkoff priorities.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #78 Soybean Checkoff Check-in

Dan Lemke   2/13/2023

Minnesota soybean farmers contribute to the soybean checkoff, which works to develop markets and support research efforts to enhance soybean productivity and profitability. The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council is made up of elected farmers who direct the investment of those funds. Gail Donkers of Faribault is one of those grower leaders.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #77 Ethanol EV Range Extenders

Dan Lemke   2/7/2023

Electric vehicles (EV) are being developed at a rapid pace as the push is on for lower carbon transportation options. However, EVs have limitations, especially in cold climates. In this Field Talk podcast, we talk to a researcher at the University of Minnesota researcher who is examining ways ethanol could be paired with EVs to extend their range.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #76 Compeer

Lynn Ketelsen   1/31/2023

Compeer Financial’s John Monson and Ron Ziegler with Economic Development Associates join Lynn Ketelsen to discuss a new partnership effort to enhance rural vitality.

TransFARMation Podcasts:

Prompted by the many sources of stress currently impacting farmers and ranchers, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Red River Farm Network and Linder Farm Network have joined forces to create the radio and podcast series called TransFARMation. The series is designed to increase awareness and reduce inhibitions about acknowledging farm stress, as well as highlight the resources available. Local farmers, ranchers and agricultural stakeholders are featured, sharing personal stories and offering a message of hope.

If you or someone you know is wrestling with a challenge that’s more powerful than yourself, a list of resources is available on this page. The TransFARMation podcast is available to download and listen on iTunesSpotify  on your favorite podcast app in the Google Play store, and on the Linder Farm Page HERE