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The LFN Field Talk podcast addresses a wide range of agriculture and rural lifestyle topics. Field Talk will take a deeper dive into the issues confronting farming and agriculture today.

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LFN Field Talk Podcast #66 Chuck Wingert, Hertz Farm Management

Dan Lemke   11/29/2022

Despite rising input costs and climbing interest rates, farmland values across Minnesota have remained strong. Chuck Wingert with Hertz Farm Management joins this podcast to explain what’s happening with land values and why.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #65 AFBF Veronica Nigh

Dan Lemke   11/22/2022

There is no shortage of economic factors facing farmers, including diesel and fertilizer costs. American Farm Bureau Federation economist Veronica Nigh was a featured speaker at the recent Minnesota Farm Bureau annual meeting and addressed some of those economic issues.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #64 Election Analysis with Collin Peterson

Dan Lemke   11/11/2022

As the saying goes, elections have consequences. Former U.S. Congressman Collin Peterson joins Lynn Ketelsen to discuss how the recent election results will impact agriculture, climate legislation and the Farm Bill.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #63 Soil Management Summit

Dan Lemke   11/8/2022

Soil productivity and health is something most farmers strive for each year. The annual Soil Management Summit brings together researchers, farmers and industry experts who are interested in learning more about improving soil health. University of Minnesota Extension Educator Jodi Dejong-Hughes joins this Field Talk Podcast to talk about the Summit and soil health.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #62 Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance

Dan Lemke   11/1/2022

The Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance has unveiled the U.S. Identity Preserved quality assurance plan and brand mark at an event in Vietnam. SSGA leaders say the move symbolizes a landmark advancement in the verification of trust, traceability and value for food manufacturers, processors and exporters. SSGA Executive Director Eric Wenberg joins Dan Lemke to explain the program.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #61 Tar Spot with Steve Wilkens

Dan Lemke   10/27/2022

Tar spot is a relatively new concern for corn farmers in Minnesota, but the disease took a toll on some corn yields this fall. Golden Harvest Agronomy Manager Steve Wilkens joins Linda Brekke to talk about issues with tar spot and what growers can do about it.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #60 Former MN Congressman Gil Gutknecht

Dan Lemke   10/26/2022

Election Day 2022 is just days away with plenty of local, state and national races being contested. Former Minnesota Congressman Gil Gutknecht joins Lynn Ketelsen to talk about issues likely to be on the minds of voters heading to the polls.

LFN Field Talk Podcast #58 Soy Transportation Coalition

Dan Lemke   10/19/2022

Harvest may be winding down in many areas of Minnesota, but the season for getting grain to market is in full swing. Transportation challenges, including low water levels on working rivers and a potential rail strike in the weeks ahead are disrupting the normal flow of products. Mike Steenhoek with the Soy Transportation Coalition assess the current situation in this Field Talk podcast.

TransFARMation Podcasts:

Prompted by the many sources of stress currently impacting farmers and ranchers, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, the Red River Farm Network and Linder Farm Network have joined forces to create the radio and podcast series called TransFARMation. The series is designed to increase awareness and reduce inhibitions about acknowledging farm stress, as well as highlight the resources available. Local farmers, ranchers and agricultural stakeholders are featured, sharing personal stories and offering a message of hope.

If you or someone you know is wrestling with a challenge that’s more powerful than yourself, a list of resources is available on this page. The TransFARMation podcast is available to download and listen on iTunesSpotify  on your favorite podcast app in the Google Play store, and on the Linder Farm Page HERE

TransFARMation Podcast